Is Hot Air Balloon Advertising the Ultimate Marketing Opportunity ?

We think so and so do thousands of other companies around the world. The growth in branded ballooning worldwide testifies to the success and effectiveness of this advertising medium.

Fishtank in the snow

Our stunts and flying projects are always planned  professionally, and with the emphasis on safety.  At Flying Enterprises we work very closely with the Civil Aviation Authority in whichever country we are operating and the balloon community in general.

Our media contacts constantly support our conventional and sometimes unconventional stunts, as well as getting involved with us at the many shows and events we attend.  Our worldwide contacts help us to put together the one-off photo or video opportunity, or a special series of events or tours, wherever you want to take your business.

You can always be assured that whether we are flying your clients, your staff, competition winners or perhaps even yourself, we will work hard to support your business and give everybody involved an experience to remember. There’s simply no better choice when it comes to hot air balloon marketing and advertising, with Flying Enterprises flying your brand, the sky is the limit and your business will see and enjoy the benefits.

Our comprehensive experience of using balloons to support worldwide charities and help them to raise large sums of money, provides another extensive option.



Hot air ballooning provides a high impact, fun and an effective way of promoting your products and business.

London Camera Exchange Balloon

Research carried out in the United States suggests that every pound spent on balloon advertising, brought up to five times more attention than all other standard forms of media.  This research only took account of those people who actually saw the balloon; if you include the editorial, TV, Radio and other mediums it all adds several hundred, thousand pounds to the value of balloon advertising.  It surely is the only way to advertise and then get all the exposure through other mediums, TV, Newspapers and radio for FREE.

The other excellent thing about a balloon campaign is that once the initial investment in manufacturing your balloon has been completed, there are very few extra capital costs, just the operating costs related to the annual programme of events. And you can fly your clients, corporate guests, staff or yourself for free.




When was the last time that anyone took a photograph of your billboard, TV or newspaper advert and used it as their wall on their computer, hung it as a photograph and shared it among their friends and associates on social media.

With the introduction and huge growth in social media, we can take full advantage ensuring that your balloon is seen on facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social networks where people can share their photographs and videos and like the comments and activity generated.

Hardys Wines Balloon




Balloons past Sulomani Temple Plains of Bagan, Myanmar


Our fantastic Saban’s Power Rangers balloons, showing how an iconic picture can be brought to life in a balloon.

The Red and Pink Rangers helmets look stunning and are set to wow the crowds wherever they go.




















Below is a sequence of photographs when we tethered the Scottish Piper, G-PIPY, one of the largest special shape balloons in the world, in front of Tower Bridge for the International Piping World competition.  Also the huge crowds that always turn out to watch balloons, the faithful crowd pleasers.