Static blimps can also be used to announce special events or advertise your business to passers-by.  Of course like hot air balloons, blimps and airships are still controlled by the weather but not to the same extent as balloons.

Our 6metre or 9 metre blimps are manufactured in high quality Durable PU nylon and are inclusive of 2-colour artwork on each side.  We can provide you with a visual illustration in advance to show you what your blimp will look like. A sample is shown below.  The blimps come complete with tether lines and installation kits but will require helium for their operation, contact us for a quote.  Contacts page.

The blimps need to be flown from a secure area and need to be manned to ensure that they are not tampered with or cut loose.  Overnight they need to be hauled in and stored preferably indoors, they will also need to be hauled in during adverse weather.  We can provide a full service of monitoring and control or alternatively we can train one of your members of staff to operate the blimp.  They can be flown at up to 200 metres above the ground.

To find out more information and to obtain a quote for a blimp. Contact us by the link below.

Flying Enterrpises blimp


Helium spheres are also a fairly new addition to the advertising opportunity, sometimes known as helistats these fairly large balloons can be used on sports pitches, in concerts and arenas indoor or outdoor.  Viewers of the RBS 6 nations rugby in 2010 would have seen a sample of these helium balloons on the pitch at Twickenham prior to the England V Ireland match.