If your business has a prominent character, product or logo that would lend itself to being a special shape balloon, you could double or quadruple your opportunities of exposure through media and public attention.

A special shape balloon will always make heads turn as they fly past and with the excellent design and manufacture by our production team the balloon will easily be identifiable, recognised and provide brand awareness to your business. Special shaped balloons do require a larger budget compared to their conventional counterparts but the percentage chances of obtaining media interest is more than doubled plus the public who see the balloon tethering or flying will always remember it and likewise your brand.  What is very important is that the balloon has a true likeness to your image, we only use the most experienced and qualified design and build team to ensure this is the case.

Famous Special Shaped Balloons over the years, include, Rupert the Bear, Hofmeister Bear, Sonic the Hedgehog, Thomas the Tank Engine, PIPY, Jaguar XK8 Car, Cadbury’s Bunny, RAC Van, Chubb Fire Extinguisher, Stowells of Chelsea Wine box, Bertie Bassett and many many more.  All of these shapes have provided the client’s with huge amounts of media and public attention worth thousands of pounds more than their cost of the campaign.

Let us know your iconic logo, product or Brand and we can discuss how a special shape balloon could be produced and used to promote your business.

Below is a video of the launch of the Stowells of Chelsea winebox balloon.