Flying Enterprises are very experienced in flying hot air balloons in Asia, including Myanmar, (Burma), Thailand, Vietnam, India, Japan, Malaysia, The Philipines and Taiwan just to name a few, but we have contacts and logistic arrangements in many other areas.  Asia is a fast growing market for hot air balloons and many businesses are stretching out into the area and with the excitement that balloons can bring and attract we see ballooning in Asia having an important and exciting future, whether tethering to provide full brand awareness or flying in prime locations.

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The amazing monks New Moon Ceremony at Ananda Phaya in Bagan.




Flying Enterpises Chief Pilot, Ian, has worked for eleven years flying  for Balloons over Bagan in Burma, taking tourists over the magnificent one thousand year old temples and pagoda’s, surely one of the most fantastic places to fly in a hot air balloon anywhere in the world.  In the 2015-16 Winter season, Ian set up the Balloons over Inle business for the company, flying over the challenging but amazing Inle Lake.


If you are a growing business in Asia or a British, European or American business that is expanding its portfolio in Asia, then a hot air balloon to enhance and provide good brand recognition could be one of the ways to go forward.  We can help with the design, manufacture and operation of the balloon, including providing expert advice of where your business will be best seen.

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