There are several levels and opportunities available for companies wanting to get involved in balloon branding and advertising.  Your business no  matter how small or how big, whether you are a local sole trader or a multi million pound blue chip company, we can help you obtain the greatest opportunity and reward from your available budget.

These range from

  • Low cost short term balloon branding for a product or business launch
  • The commissioning of a new bespoke balloon for a marketing campaign strategy.
  • A UK, European, international or even a world tour.
  • The commissioning of a special shaped balloon providing the most spectacular way to promote a product or business.
  • One off high profile stunts or projects

Send us a high quality Vector EPS, J.PEG, TIFF or PDF file, using the email link below and we will create a computer image of your potential balloon.  On a technical point, if it is a PDF you send please ensure the fonts are converted to outline and all images embedded, this will ensure the image we produce for you is of the highest quality.
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The flexibility of balloon branding is an excellent way of targeting your specific audience, this can be broken down to area, specific age, gender and even social grades by taking the balloon to tether or fly from events where your campaign message will be seen by the people you want to engage with.

We will work closely with you before and while your balloon is being built to ensure that the campaign programme will be aimed to generate media and audience attention in the areas important to your business.

There are also opportunities to brand hot air airships, blimp’s or inflatable’s, to discover more visit our blimps and airships page.

The benefits of branding a balloon are endless, from

  • rewarding staff for their efforts
  • full campaign to promote brand awareness, product or business launches.
  • competitions or rewards for your best clients
  • great fun days out for you, your family and friends

The balloon is a perfect corporate hospitality platform, from which you can promote brand awareness and brand loyalty at the same time as having a great social gathering and business generating opportunity.

We guarantee you will get a very strong feeling of pride when you see a huge hot air balloon taking to the skies advertising your business and you can have great fun and enjoy the rewards that come back from the balloon’s advertising successes.

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