Inflatable’s can be used as static displays where space is restricted, a lot of public are passing by and there is a message to get across and balloons are not suitable.

Venues where these inflatable’s have proven to be extremely useful are racecourses, exhibitions and congested areas in London and other business areas.The inflatable’s can be produced in many options.


These can be specially produced as a product, character or business logo and design and used as a human walking advertisement.


These are filled with helium and then tethered in a similar way to blimps, though not quite so high, to make a floating display at events or launches.


The cold air inflatable’s use a petrol or electric fan to keep them filled, they can be tethered above the ground with support lines or kept stable on the ground, but they can be quite large and are suitable when a hot air balloon can’t be used due to space or height restrictions.