Stowells Winebox & Churchill DogThese can vary between short, medium and long-term campaigns.

A short-term campaign can be for just a few days or weeks when you are launching a new business, service or product.  Flying Enterprises can quote you for several options here, with a low cost balloon designed specifically to tether at a launch.  This could also be using an un-branded balloon to which we can attach large tailored banners.

A medium term campaign can be for several months or just one or two flying seasons to launch a film/product or during a specific period relating to the business.  These could involve tours to areas and countries specifically related to the launch.

Long-term campaigns are normally those planned to promote the brand for several years / seasons by using corporate hospitality, attending events and linking it to the your existing or planned advertising and marketing campaigns.

Both medium and long-term campaigns are planned to obtain the most productive media attention and coverage over the whole period, this will include linking it to social networking and media to gain maximum exposure and ensure the campaign stays fresh for the whole period.

These campaigns are operated on annual renewable contracts and we charge an annual management fee plus a daily rate related to the itinerary, this ensures there are no unforeseen or surprise charges and that we can deliver the campaign within budget.