What will our company balloon look like ?

We can work with you to achieve the best look for your balloon, with our extensive knowledge and experience we can advise you on all the relevant decisions, whether it should be a special or a conventional shape, the colours, design and size. If you email us or send us a copy of your company logo and a brief resume we will, completely free of charge, produce a computer visual of what you can expect the balloon to look like.

Where will the balloon go and how will it get there ?

Following initial discussions and when we have a reasonable understanding of your business, we will be able to put together a suggested programme for you. Hot Air balloons are generally suited for outside events, though they can be tethered inside large arenas such as the O2, Wembley, Twickenham, Millenium Stadium etc. On most weekends across the UK and Europe, there are large public events or Fiestas where the balloon can be seen in front of thousands of people. The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta has an attendance of over 500,000 people every year, other events such as the London Marathon; Air tattoos etc also attract large crowds Around the world there are also large balloon related events and large public and media attended events that we can attend.

Geographically your balloon can go wherever you wish.  We have extensive experience of flying and operating balloons in five continents and in over 50 different countries so the world is the limit, your budget will be an important factor to help decide the overall programme.  In the UK and Europe, the balloon will travel in a purposely-built trailer and will be driven by our experienced crew to each location.  The trailer and vehicle can also have graphics added to maximise the advertising opportunity as it travels.

If the balloon travels further afield, it can be transported by airfreight or by ship container.  Our logistics department deals with this side of the business and ensure the plan comes together.

Will a balloon campaign link to our existing media advertising ?

Yes it will, we will always encourage you to run alternative and linked advertising and promotional campaigns alongside the balloon. The balloon acts as a brand recognition tool and creates further brand or product awareness so using a picture of the balloon on your company stationary; newspaper or web advertising will only enhance this.

Hot Air Balloons always attract further media attention from newspapers, TV and radio and photographers cannot resist them and your balloon will pop up on social media, the internet and on news stories and may even be mentioned in radio interviews. The public also love taking photographs of balloons and placing them on their social networking pages, websites and even You Tube.

See our Public Relations, Media & TV page

We would like to have a balloon but we do not know anything about how to operate it ?

Don’t worry, that is what we are here for, we organise everything, after we have agreed the balloon programme with you and balloon budget we start planning the logistics of where the balloon is going and how it will get there and which pilot and crew will be working on your behalf. That does not mean that you cannot be involved, we enjoy seeing our clients at the events and taking you flying with us and enjoying that drink of champagne when we land!!!!

What are the benefits of a tethered balloon ?

Tethering has massive benefits and promotional opportunities, when there are large crowds and when it may not flyable, but we are able to do a display by tethering.  We use tethering to keep a balloon stable when TV cameras are around, during a lengthy event like the London Marathon or a Grand Prix, when TV cameras might return several times during the coverage, or at a corporate hospitality event, where we can offer tethered rides to a lot of people rather than a free flight for a select few. It also provides the opportunity to get further publicity for your business by tethering the balloon alongside world icons, such as Tower Bridge or St Paul’s Cathedral in London, The Eiffel Tower, Ayres Rock, Sydney Opera House or the Coliseum in Rome to name a few, Flying Enterprises have either done it or can do it.

So whether you want to take advantage of a bannered balloon or basket for a single event or whether it is part of your full commercial balloon campaign it will always include tethering.  See our Tethered Balloons page.

What should we wear on a balloon flight ?

This is always an interesting question and the answer depends on where you are flying or why.  For a normal balloon flight, you need to remember that this is a sport and it takes place in the countryside, or at least the landing normally does, and it can sometimes be a bit bumpy on landing or you may need to walk across a field, so it is better to wear walking boots or stout shoes or trainers.

There is a belief that it will be cold up there, well if you are in the Alps, or we intend to do an altitude flight then that is true but on a normal flight, you just need ordinary clothes though you may need to take a fleece for the period prior to take off or after landing. It is better to wear natural material such as cottons rather than synthetic, (for safety reasons), especially if you want to get involved in the preparation and packing away of the balloon.

The burners are a wonderful form of heating and do radiate a lot of, sometimes welcome heat, into the basket.

How long does a balloon flight last ?

This depends on the occasion, event and location, but generally they last for about 1 hour, with the whole experience of setting the balloon up, flying and landing and then returning to the launch site by the retrieve vehicle taking about 4 hours.

Sometimes we just do a hop, out of an arena and into the first available landing opportunity, when we are attending an event and we just need to put on a show in front of the public and then get back to tether, take part in a nightglow or even fly again.  We also make a decision on a length of flight based on safety and if a perfect opportunity to land appears and we are heading towards a more difficult area we will take the opportunity to land, rather than court with a problem later.

Can we afford a hot air balloon ?

Getting involved in ballooning can start at a few thousand pounds for a banner at an event, or as little as £12.000 for an art worked balloon and £35,000 for a full kit of bottom end and art worked balloon.  Then what the balloon does and where it goes again can match your budget and if you have only a few thousand pounds to spare then we may be able to organise your balloon to be flown near the area of your business for very little cost as either a training balloon or sport balloon.  If you have a larger budget then we can offer much more.  As in anything you get what you pay for but ballooning is far more flexible than you might think.

Find out more on our  Hot air balloon Branding  page or call us on 0044 1454 854328 for a more in depth discussion.

Can a balloon campaign be specifically targeted on one area ?

Yes it can, if you are a small business and just want a balloon flying over your local area, WE CAN DO THAT.

If you have a product that is linked to a specific sport and want to attend related events, WE CAN DO THAT.

If you want a balloon to attend specific trade events around the UK, Europe or the World WE CAN DO THAT.

If you are an international Company and want the balloon to embark upon a world tour, WE CAN DO THAT ALSO.

Ballooning can be product, industry or specifically targeted to a public type / age or it can be a campaign aimed at achieving  business or brand recognition over several years.  Visit our  Ultimate Advertising web page.

Will we be able to fly our staff, clients and guests ?

Yes, providing you choose a balloon of the right size and design to be able to fly passengers.

One of the most exciting things about having a balloon for your business is the fun and excitement that it creates within your own staff ranks.  You will find a buzz amongst your staff whenever the balloon is mentioned or when they have had the opportunity to take a flight in it.

Your customers will equally be excited about getting a balloon flight and the brand recognition will remain with them for the rest of their lives, you will never forget your first balloon flight.

When your balloon is attending an event you will have the opportunity to link some form of hospitality at the event and invite clients, staff and special guests along.  You can run a draw, or competition to offer flights in the balloon.  This can also be extended to a longer campaign of advertising.  One of our clients ran a competition on one of their products linked to the balloon with the prize being two weeks in South Africa including a balloon flight in their company balloon.  There are huge amounts of opportunities like this that can be taken advantage of.

Can the balloons artwork be changed if our company details change ?

Yes this is possible depending upon how the balloon design is created, the balloons artwork can be produced in several ways, either sewn in, stuck on screen or digitally printed or bannered.  A telephone number, or small changes can often be changed or even a logo if the balloon had sewn in artwork, if not with more complicated or special graphics where appearance is paramount it may be more cost effective to re-design and produce a new envelope or canopy.

We do not have an in house PR department will this matter ?

No this is not essential; we are able to carry out all the PR for your balloon on your behalf.  We are highly experienced in working with the media, developing websites and promoting the balloon to the local and national press.  We have secured millions of pounds worth of free advertising for our clients from our own PR work.  However if you have a PR department or if you use an external PR or Marketing agency  we can work together with them to achieve the results you need.

As a charity we would like to have a balloon but it would need to make money not cost us money, can this be achieved ?

We have worked with several charities to achieve recognition and fundraising.  Our efforts have resulted in charities gaining several £m for their charity programmes.  This can be achieved in several ways by attending fundraising events or by raffling balloon rides.

Balloons can help charities raise their profile which can bring in many more donations over a longer period and encourage company sponsorship to cover the expenses so that the charity can maximise from the fundraising.  We have also been involved in organising a full campaign and journey for a charity linked to other activities gaining charity recognition and funds.

We already have a hot air balloon but could you operate it for us ?

If you would like to talk to us we can provide you with a full costing and programme of events for your consideration and providing we can both agree terms and plans we would be happy to operate your balloon and work with you to achieve great PR and maximise on your investment.