Richard Branson Global Challenge Press Launch in MarakechFlying Enterprises have many years of successful experience in attracting media attention and we have achieved many hundreds of thousands pounds worth of media advertising and coverage for our clients including being the main lead item on BBC & ITV News.

Our contacts in the media are also keen to cover some of our unusual stunts.  Our clients’ balloons have featured on BBC, ITV, Sky and many other news items and channels and have also been widely photographed and received coverage in national and local newspapers as well as extensively across the web and social media. We have also been interviewed by many radio reporters and of course we always manage to get our clients’ names mentioned during any interview. Our pilots have been in the media spotlight and TV documentaries on many occasions relating to ballooning.

You can be assured that with Flying Enterprises “flying your brand”, your best interest will always be a priority.

Hot air balloon flying over Bagan, Burma Rugby scrum half stunt with onboard TV cameras


On the right is a photo of the TV news team filming in the basket one of our unusual stunts, with
two international rugby stars attempting the highest scrum half pass between balloons with our pilots keeping the balloons steady and level.


We are always ready to get the best photo opportunities.







We have also taken part as an expert on many TV programmes including The Generation Game, The West Tonight and have been seen on numerous TV channels, including BBC, ITV, HTV, Sky, Disney, ABC 1, The History Channel and Discovery.  Our pilots have been guests and carried out many interviews for several radio programmes and have featured in several national newspaper articles.  Below are just a few examples.


Ian Martin recently featured in a documentary filmed for Australian network ABC1 with foreign correspondent Zoe Daniels.  Ian was working in Myanmar, (Burma) at the time and the 30 minute documentary about Myanmar shows the balloon flying over the temples and pagodas of Bagan.

The balloon bit comes in two pieces at the beginning and again halfway through the documentary, which itself is very enlightening about the country and its changes politically and for the future.

The link below will take you to the archive of ABC1 and the documentary and transcript, where you can watch the video.


The other items to view below are ITV news of the Bristol international Balloon Fiesta, including Ian being featured in the nightglow section, plus a montage of the public comments by Heart FM.


ITV News of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, with a feature on Ian Martin Director of the night glows


The link below is a recent article about Ian Martin and Flying Enterprises carried out for CNN travel.


The Disney Channel interview

TV interview in basket go to the Disney interview


Here is an audio put together by Heart FM during the 2012 Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, where people who attended the night glow event expressed their excitement at seeing the balloons flying and the impression they got from the night glow that we at Flying Enterprises choreographed and directed.  The strength of excitement, patriotism, emotion and sheer joy is a pleasure to listen to.  This reminds us how great hot air ballooning is and why those businesses who get involved in an advertising campaign involving balloons really do get great value for money.